Frequently Asked Questions

For inquiries contact the customer care center number +96265002099
For technical support email

What ages are expected to have the PCR test upon arrival? Does it include children?

All ages above 5 years old.

Is it mandatory to wear a mask and gloves during my entire trip ?

Face masks and gloves are mandatory in public places for example shopping malls.....public gathering areas.... as per the MoH protocals that are listed here.

Are the historical sites and tourist attractions being sanitized for visitors?

yes all public areas and tourism attractions are routinely sanitized.

While visiting Jordan, I developed some symptoms correlated with Covid19 symptoms, to whom must I report this?

contact the MoH hotline 111.

Does this system grant me entry into Jordan?

No, this system was created for the purpose of registering for the PCR test upon arrival and the purchase of institutional quarantine if needed.